best platforms to list online businesses

13 Best Platforms To List Online Businesses

Listing your business online with large organizations is just as important as creating a website or a social media page. This is because you need search engines, play stores, and online commerce communities to recognize your existence and make you part of their community.

Not only does this help you reach a larger community of consumers and build solidarity with others in your niche, but this is also important because business owners must stay up to date with trade trends and legal responsibilities, and being a part of an online business community is the best way to make sure that happens. 

In this world of internet, that we are currently living in everything can be done online. You can even run your business online by sitting on your couch at the comfort of your home.

You will find various platforms internet that allows you to list your business online that will allow you to reach a wide customer base locally as well as globally. In this article, we will be listing some of the best platforms to list your business online.

Why Do People List Businesses Online?

Since almost everyone uses the internet to search for products and brands today, listing a business online makes it visible to a large number of Internet users.

Not only does this increase sales, but it also helps promote your brand identity competently and positively.

Business directories can also promote your business in front of the right communities, thus reducing advertising and marketing costs. Many come with detailed analytic tools that are necessary in the virtual world.

Even as consumers, we constantly look on Google and Apple maps to locate stores near us. So, even if you are located in a quaint neighborhood away from tourist crowds, you will get a steady flow of customers if you place towels on the map.

Lastly, listing businesses online has become a symbol of status and authenticity. Customers might not want to buy from brands that don’t have an online presence.

13 Top Platforms to List Your Business Online

1. Google My Business

13 Best Platforms To Buy, Sell, and List Online Businesses

Listing your business on Google is beneficial because it is ultimately this one search engine that will help you reach your audience through the internet. Google My Business offers additional solutions like e-commerce website SEO, app listing, Google Ads, customer support tools and so much more.

Adding your business to the Google directory is a must for companies, even if you operate on a small scale. Even for local businesses, customers often use search keywords like ‘hair stylists in New York’ and ‘cafes near me’ to get location-based help.

2. Instagram For Business

For some niches like handmade jewelry, thrift stores, apparel, etc., Instagram is the best way to connect with clients. Creating simple, engaging visual content can lead to quick growth in an organic way.

Instagram For Business comes with a few business accounts and a built-in analytics dashboard. Instagram also promotes sponsored posts through an affordable plan that directly connects businesses to their target audience. Businesses and companies can purchase a blue tick to establish themselves as the official brand page.

3. Apple Business Connect

13 Best Platforms To Buy, Sell, and List Online Businesses

If the vast majority of your target base uses the latest Apple models, you can set up a location-based business listing using Apple Business Connect. You can provide vital information like exact address, business hours, catalog/menu glimpses, contact information and customer reviews that anyone using Apple Maps will be able to access.

Not only that, listing your business on Apple will make sure that Siri finds it in searches. Since many iPhone users would rather use Apple Maps than Google, listing your business here can skyrocket you as one of the leading performers in your industry.

4. CitySearch

Clients head on to CitySearch to get an idea about the products and services of a certain niche that are sold in a specific locality. The platform carefully confirms and verifies all the information entered into it by a business owner and then enables a business listing to go live within 1 to 2 months of applying.

CitySearch is known for its efficient SEO tools that automatically bring your business to the forefront of search engines. This is a free listing option that you can always use in addition to bigger social media sites. 

5. LinkedIn

A thriving Social Media platform dedicated to professional life, LinkedIn has become a hub for entrepreneurs, business owners, and freelancers to build a community, publish content, and develop an online brand identity. Business listings from the UK, Europe, North America, India, Russia, Australia, etc all receive the same exposure and guidance.

Once you have a business listing on LinkedIn, you can post about hiring, collaboration, etc. These days, every agency must have a LinkedIn page to appear trustable, and authentic to a client, customer, and even employee. 

6. Facebook Business

Facebook business pages find it easier to connect with potential customers on the platform and stand out in neighborhood, national, and international virtual groups. You can target a demographic of your choice and create simple, suitable content.

Facebook offers platforms like ‘Communities’ and ‘Facebook Marketplace’ that give a lot of freedom for business listings to advertise products of any kind. Using its sharing and notifications features, followers can get informed about the newest deals and can forward them to other interested buyers.

7. Shopify


Shopify is another great platform to buy and sell products. If you own a business or want to start one of your own, then Shopify can be your go-to partner. You can start your store on Shopify and slowly push it to the top using built-in tools provided by the platform. The app supports multiple ways to create a completely customizable website that reflects your brand not only through good content but also impeccable design. Shopify has no marketplace fees.

Shopify gives business owners the right space to present their services in the best light. It also expands their knowledge by publishing regular tutorials and upgrades. Last but not least it is enriched by the presence of a supportive and cohesive community who always have each other’s backs.

8. (@localcom) / X


The most specific and efficient regional directory for small and mid-size businesses, specializes in targeted marketing and promotes a business in specific and related niches on its website. The website takes commerce laws seriously and is there for a very credible and trusted alternative. can be used by employees and clients to access information about the organizational structure, vision, and performance of a company. Once again, the ranking isn’t as high as it can be on Google, Apple, and all social media apps which is why it is best to use this business search directly as an additional listing platform.

9. Bing Places

Bing Places

Bing is the second most popular search engine at the moment and yet the process of listing your website on this platform is so easy it only takes a couple of minutes. Bing Places can verify any listed business and identify the target audience using an AI-inspired algorithm which is then used to organically boost the business in the required setting.

It enables users to separately list out discounts, coupons, unique selections, short quotes from the founders, etc. Bing Places is awesome because the largest international client base still uses Windows devices. 

10. Dun & Bradstreet

This is a global commerce and industry support that not only provides relief to business owners and agencies in the US but all over the world. Dun & Bradstreet specializes in data analytics, business intelligence, connectivity to a global commerce network, and even legal solutions to clients in a specific manufactory.

Dun & Bradstreet takes about 30 days to verify a listing and add a business to their extensive directory. The company also offers cloud storage, business identity integration, and online launch of businesses to maximize their trade. 

11. Manta Directory

Existing for the last 20 years, Manta Listing is not only a listing but an active online marketing agency that provides affordable packages to businesses that want to boost their presence online. Manta is the best for US users but can also be accessed by international companies wanting to enter the American market.

Manta includes many popular categories like HVAC, landscaping, and healthcare that bring customers directly to the businesses they want to connect with. Other facilities offered include SEO services, all-in-one business management, PPC consulting, website creation, etc.

12. Thumbtack

This business directly offers unique tools to customers to perform comparative analysis of small and local businesses in their region. It is one of the best directory solutions for services like legal aid, home improvement, computer repair, etc. The platform is available both as a website and an app.

Thumbtack is dedicated to making customer experience as convenient as possible. It competes with leading sting solutions like Yelp and Angi. If you are a company that is hiring, you can set up an ad and an application on Thumbtack Careers too!

13. Chamber Of Commerce

Had from price itself for being one of the largest online business directories worldwide. The Chamber of Commerce is a trusted area where businesses from different cultural and industrial backgrounds can connect and collaborate. It also provides many tools that facilitate greater business growth.

Currently, there are over 2 million business community members on this platform and 25 million customers searching for products and services on it. For the latter, this is a creative solution to finding the best quality business deals at the lowest prices.


Businesses can list themselves on reputable sites as long as they have the right documents that give them the license to conduct trade in a specific industry. Directories are constantly expanding and new, evolving categories are slowly becoming the norm. These days, many businesses have stopped establishing physical settings and started conducting all operations online – such organizations can invest in a virtual workplace once they have a listed website online. If you are looking for platforms to list your business online then you can refer to the above list and get your business running. 

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