Google Search spam attack

Google Search is currently littered by a massive spam attack: SEJ

We know that Google Search has been a go-to destination for billions of users every year and it is also worth noting that the company has been extremely careful in making changes to the platform because it also knows that their platform is now as significant as a government somewhere around the world. This is also the reason why Google Search has been often called out by politicians from around the world due to the position and influence it has on results across the web. As the internet grows older, this influence will increase more and more. But the fact that AI, especially ChatGPT, was released late last year has made sure that the Google Search listings are extremely littered by spam results.

As most of us SEOs already know, there have been a record number of Google Search Updates this year and the September 2023 Helpful Content Update was just devastating for most of the content sites that we are aware of. However, that was not enough as Google released the October 2023 Core Update soon after that and the November 2023 Update also followed. But the problem was that Google tried to fight the spam with its September update and failed terribly. It tried to correct the mistake with its October Core Update but it got worse and the November update was not helpful as well.

Now, we are sure that there will be updates at the start of next year in order to improve the search results but the results right now are a mess to say the least. It has been noticed by Google’s Search Liaison as well who did acknowledge the issue and said that he is also getting the “same weird stuff”. Also, the issue is that Google says it is tackling the Parasite SEO issue as well but it has failed in that too. Parasite SEO is basically when you host your content on third-party websites that already have the authority and rankings in Google Search to rank your content and make money or some other benefits. Even to this, Google said that they are trying to fix it but they are just not able to do it as of now.

We know that the holidays are just around the corner which means that any work on Google Search right now is highly unlikely which means it will be the first time in years that Google’s Search Results at the end of this year will be as bad as they are right now. We can also think about the scenarios where Google’s leaders will also look at the search results and question their company on what’s going on. This will most likely make the senior management take action and we hope to see the spam issue getting solved.

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