How to Reduce AliExpress Shipping Times

How to Reduce AliExpress Shipping Times in 2024?

You can find almost anything on AliExpress, and it is one of the best platforms to get products from China. AliExpress not only works in China but also serves in several other parts of the work.

Though their vast product listings, the only thing that sucks about them is the shipping time especially if you are using the platform outside China.

It can take 3-4 weeks and sometimes even more than a month to get the product shipped and delivered. This can be problematic if you often use AliExpress to get products from China.

But what causes these prolonged delivery periods and are there some ways to reduce the shipping time of AliExpress?

This article will guide you with what causes delayed shipping time, and how you can reduce AliExpress Shipping times.

Factors Affecting AliExpress Shipping Times

The shipping time varies with products. Different factors affect the AliExpress Shipping Times, such as

1. Method of Shipping

AliExpress uses different shipping methods depending on what the customer wants to go for. If the customer opts for the AliExpress Premium Shipping then your product will be shipped through flights and that will be faster than other shipping methods.

If you go for Standard delivery then your product will be shipped through road transport methods, which will be slower.

2. Total Distance

Another thing that affects the shipping time on AliExpress is the distance from the warehouse to the delivery address.

If the warehouse is close to the delivery address then the shipping time will be fast. Overseas delivery usually takes a lot of time because of the total distance to be covered.

3. Customs Clearance

Customs clearance is another reason that can delay the AliExpress shipping times. When getting products overseas, then the products need to get customs clearance before they can be delivered to the customer. However, the process can be lengthy, taking a few days and sometimes even a week.

4. Time of Ordering

AliExpress often gets a large number of orders during the festive seasons like Christmas, Black Friday Sale, etc. If you are ordering your product during such time of the year, then it will take some time for the company to process your order and ship it to you.

Also, the shipment can be delayed further during the festive seasons due to the lack of availability of transport running on a busy schedule.

What is the Average Time It Takes for the AliExpress Products to Get Delivered?

On average, it takes around 15-45 days for the products to get delivered to your doorstep by AliExpress. However, it can sometimes take as long as 60 days for the delivery, and even the product can be delivered as soon as 12 days to reach you. The delivery time varies on a lot of factors that we have discussed earlier.

Ways to Reduce AliExpress Shipping Times

There are a few tactics that you can try to reduce the total shipment time on the AliExpress, including-

1. Go for Suppliers With Fast Shipping Methods

When you buy products on AliExpress, you will have the option to choose the seller. There will be different sellers listing the same products on AliExpress but a different prices.

Different sellers will have different ratings and reviews depending on the quality of the product sent, the price charged, delivery time, etc.

Check for the ratings and reviews of the seller and this will give you an idea of how fast the seller processes your order and ships them. Go for a seller with a higher rating, and also higher processing and shipping time.

2. Go for Sellers With Warehouses Near You

How to Reduce AliExpress Shipping Times in 2024?

Different sellers have warehouses have different places. If you are buying the product from a seller in a different country, then they will have to ship your product via flight or through cargo ships. This may be a time-consuming process as the supplier will first have to process your order, and then ship it.

Once the product reaches your country, it will have to go through customs and then follow one more transportation route to reach you. This can be a lengthy process overall and may take time, sometimes even months. 

However, if the seller has their warehouse in your country or a nearby state, then the process will be shorter. The product won’t have to go through air shipping or cargo shipping methods.

Also, the product won’t go through the customs. If the product ordered overseas takes a month to reach you, then selecting a seller with a warehouse near you will shorten the time to a week or two.

3. Get a VIP Listing for your Product

Another thing that you should do if you want faster shipping of your product is get the VIP listing. You will find different types of listing for products including the VIP listings.

The VIP listing of the product comes from a more trustworthy seller with good ratings and a faster delivery time. Not only this, but you can also get in touch with the seller having a VIP listing to ship the product faster.

4. Contact Sellers Before Ordering

The next tip that has helped many people reduce the AliExpress Shipping times is contacting the seller before ordering the product.

Sellers always look forward to messages from buyers and solve their queries. You can message the seller about your concern related to delivery and when you want the product to be delivered.

You can also ask the seller to ship through a faster method and see if they can meet the delivery time you tell them.

5. Check Seller’s Rating

How to Reduce AliExpress Shipping Times in 2024?

Before ordering products, you must check the seller’s rating and feedback. Often the customers mention their experience with the seller in the feedback.

If anyone has a bad experience with the seller regarding anything, you will know with the feedback and you can think twice before ordering products from them.

6. Order Test Products

You cannot identify the shipping time taken by the seller by just looking at the reviews or finding the seller with warehouses near you.

It is always recommended to order test products if you have a bulk order. You can order test products from multiple sellers, and see which one comes to you fast. By this, you will know which sellers ship fast so you can give bulk orders to them.

7. Choose Premium Shipping

How to Reduce AliExpress Shipping Times in 2024?

Premium shipping and standard shipping are two common shipping methods that are offered by AliExpress. If you want to get your product faster, then it is recommended to go for the premium shipping method.

With premium shipping, you can expect the product to reach you in 2 days even if the shipping is overseas. 

Bottom Line

Whether you are running your dropshipping business, or buying products for yourself on AliExpress, getting products faster is what everyone wants.

However, AliExpress delivery can be late due to various reasons, including weather, shipping distance, product availability, etc.

If you want to get a product fast then this article will help you with that. You can follow the above steps to reduce AliExpress shipping times. 

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